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There are three prominent bone markings on the temporal bones.

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The external acoustic meatus is the opening that leads to the organs of the inner ear. The styloid process is a thin, pen-like projection where muscles and ligaments of the neck are attached.

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The mastoid process is a wide and rough projection that serves as another attachment point for neck muscles. While all the bones of the skull, other than the mandible, are sutured to one another, the flat bones of the cranium are visibly sutured where they articulate to another.

There are four different cranial sutures. The coronal suture is the articulation point of the frontal bone with the two parietal bones. The squamous sutures are the articulation points between the each temporal bone and the parietal bone superior to it. The lambdoid suture is the articulation point between the occipital bone and the two parietal bones.


Skip to main content. Search for:. The Bones of the Skull Information There is only one movable joint in the skull. The bones of the skull, anterior view. Lab 6 Exercises 6. Licenses and Attributions. These bones fuse to form part of the orbital, nasal and oral cavities, as well as some of the sinuses of the face. The foramina singular: foramen of the skull are numerous and it is easy to get lost identifying them.

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We will revisit each of these foramina again in articles on the cranial nerves and cranial vasculature. Foramen to know are briefly discussed below, to learn more, you can check out our guide to the foramina of the skull. We have briefly mentioned several of the sutures of the skull. They are shown in the pictures below for ease of learning. Persistent frontal suture metopic suture in an adult human skull 4.

Disease such as acromegaly and osteopetrosis can lead to overgrowth of bones.

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In the skull, this has an important consequence of narrowing the foramen responsible for nerve and blood vessel transmission. Reduced visual acuity and deafness can be consequences of such diseases. Regions of the skull where multiple bones join together can be relatively weak and predispose that region to fracture. This is known anatomically as the pterion see the image above and is formed by the junction of the frontal, parietal and sphenoid bones.

Not only is it weak due to the number of bones converging here, but the bones themselves are very thin. A blowout fracture occurs when the maxilla at the floor of the eye is fractured and the eye appears to sink into the depression enophthalmos. The patient will also experience significant diplopia. If either enophthalmos or diplopia are present, surgical intervention is warranted.

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Your choices will not impact your visit. NOTE: These settings will only apply to the browser and device you are currently using. We use Google Adsense, which serves personalised advertisements to users based on their browsing activity. The revenue we generate from these adverts allows us to keep the website free. Table of Contents. Embryology of the Skull The skull begins to form prior to week 12 of embryogenesis. Clinical relevance: Fontanelle abnormalities An enlarged anterior fontanelle can be due to endocrine pathologies like congenital hypothyroidism. A sunken anterior or posterior fontanelle may suggest dehydration. Fontanelles of the skull 1. Skull bones anterior 2 Bones of the skull lateral 2. Frontal skull bone 3. Parietal bone 3. Occipital bone 3. Coronal suture 3. Sagittal suture 3. Lambdoid suture 3. Squamosal suture 3. Clinical relevance: Endocrine dysfunction Disease such as acromegaly and osteopetrosis can lead to overgrowth of bones.